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Major Projects Completed in 2016 & 2017

Tecnicas Reunidas Kilpilahti Power Plant-Finland Emergency Back genset AGP1385  1385 KVA Containerized genset

Kilpilahti genset assembly  Kilpilahti container assembly

Kilpilahti genset detail  Kilpilahti container assembly-2


Caspian Water Front - Baku 2x1100 KVA with AGC1100 genset


CWP gensets
CWP Panels
  •  Bangladesh 15 MVA 0.4/33 Step up transformer , MR OLTC

  •  NADEC 12 MVA harmonic filter for Capacitor banks

  •  SOCAR 1X1250 kVA containerized type genset

  •  1xCummins CPG  C1100D5 & 1xC550D5 genset











Major Projects Completed in 2015


  • Zafer Romania US Air Base 1 ea AGC2500  2.500 KVA 10 kV containerized genset

  • QSK60-2500KVA GENSET-CONTANIER ASSY-04 Zafer US Base Romania
  • Trump Tower Baku 3x2500 KVA 400V with Cummins QSK60 & Stamford P8 series

  • Trump tower s 

  • Hospital backup gensets 2x750 KVA - Abha Saudi Arabia
  • Abha 1 Abha 2

  • Nournet Data Center 2x2500 KVA  Riyadh Saudi Arabia
  • Nournet DC NOURNET Assembly




  • Projects Completed in 2014

  • STFA Yarimca Containerized port 4x3000 KVA AGC3000 with Cummins QSK78G9 and ABB  11 kV IP54 alternator

  • STFA Gensets STFA genset


  • Dairy farm 8x2500 KVA Complete Backup plant with MV/LV Switchgears, 0.4/34.5 step-up transformers , Capacitor Banks

  • Diary Plant sm 20160213_111146



September 2012

We had been awarded for supply of 3x3500 KVA Black start Diesel power plant by Bechtel for Maaden Aluminum Smelter plant in April 2012. The plant with all subsystems including MV switchgear, fuel system etc. was successfully signed of after extensive FAT process and delivered to site in September 2012.

DSC08781 DSC08988

DSC08991 - Copy Maaden Power Plant

Entry into Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2012 

ADAM started exporting to a new challenging market  with Perkins and Deutz powered 25 to 50 KVA super slient gensets to telecom sector



New export markets in 2011

We exported several gensets with Perkins, Deutz, Ford  powered gensets to Eitopia, Iran, Yemen, Hungary 



3 December 2010

ADAM has exported 30 units of 35 & 45 KVA Dual gensets powered by 912 and 914 series Air cooled Deutz engines to a Yemenese
Telecom company.Dual sets are operated by a specially designed ATS modlue together with Zelio PLC according to even aging principle.
The ATS panel also contains the necessary circuitry to operate a Dummy Load in case engine load is below % 50 of total prime power
thus eliminating premature engine wear caused by elongated low load operation.


2 sets of  3x700 KVA Power Center powered by Perkins 2806 Series engines has been delivered to Turkish Army.The system has passed extensive military tests successfully.The group is operated by a Woodward Easygen 3200 Model controller for equal load sharing.

15 APRIL , 2010
The Italian City , a new town consisting of 800 luxury villas at the suburban of Erbil Irak , relies on a Power Center consisting of 12 units of Cummins 500 KVA Diesel gensts . The center is managed by two sets of syncronizing panel containing Woodward 3200 modules.

20 October , 2009
Our website has started online. It will be enriched in content sooner by giving more information about our products , projects and company

15 October , 2009
ADAM was established today targeting to be a reliable player in the market relying on the teams 25 years experience on Diesel engine development and its experience on the Power systems since 2007.